Authorship And Rich Snippets

There are an awful lot of bloggers out there who are struggling with getting their blogs to show rich snippets let alone Google authorship. The problem lies in the amount of differing blog themes out there. While one fix may work on one theme it has absolutely no effect on another.

If your WordPress theme runs on Flexsqueeze you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution for you. I’m talking about the How To Fix Rich Snippets post.

There’s also a YouTube video with a step by step tutorial that specifically ties in with the post.

If you’re a Flexsqueeze owner I’m sure you’ll find this helps.


New Easy Sports Betting Site

Aussies love their sport. We’re actually a pretty athletic nation. Considering the size of the population and the pittance that the government puts towards helping out athletes we actually do quite well during sporting events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Something else Aussie don’t mind doing is having a punt on our sports. Heck, if two flies knocked themselves out by flying into the wall they’d bet on who would hit the floor first.

Until recently I’ve never actually placed a bet on anything because I found it all too hard. I once tried doing via the phone but they wanted all this information and I had to jump through so many hoops I just gave up. I couldn’t be bothered to drive to the closes TAB so for years I didn’t bother.

Then it finally hit me! Why not find out if I there was a site online that would allow me to place a bet. The problem was so many sites and stuffed if I knew which one to choose. That’s where EZ eSports Betting came into play. Only sites that have been physical joined are recommended. There’s even a bet of the week where you can see actual bets that have been made.

easy sports betting

Other interesting posts include Common Questions About Online Betting, Government Restrictions To Online Betting and How Much To Bet On A Sport Bet.

It’s also good to see the site is has problem gamblers in mind when publishing the post about gambling responsibly. It’s a shame that some people just can’t control themselves when it comes to gambling. It’s important for family members to be aware of a loved ones problem so they can stop it before it gets to be a real problem.

This could be the present to buy for someone who you think has everything. It would be great for parents who are afraid of technology. Load it up with a book they love, show them how to use it and I’m sure that they will fall in love with it. I have a neighbour who’s in his sixties who received something similar, nowhere as good as a Kindle and he absolutely loved it once I showed him how easy it was to download books.


Being bigger than normal it also makes it a lot easier to read than smaller versions. Any comments from Kindle owners would be greatly appreciated. Naturally, you should also check ebay to see if they have a better deal available.

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A Living Memorial In A Loving

A Lasting Online Memorial To Commemorate Your Loved Ones

When staring any business you need to look at the competition, to study what they offer and then see whether you can do it differently. You need to be able to offer your prospective customers something that will entice them over to your newly established business/site. Naturally you want it to be better but you can also win people over by offering something that they’re not offering.

When I lost my lovely sister-in-law, Josie Zollo, I wanted to leave a lasting memorial by posting an obituary of sorts online. After checking out a majority of online memorial sites I couldn’t find one that I really liked. I found the vast majority of free ones to be really tacky because they were surrounded by a whole heap of ads. You can’t knock them for having the ads either because they need to cover their expenses somehow.

Most of the paid memorial sites were completely automated, meaning that the memorials usually tended to look very generic. I also thought some of the prices to be over the top and although they offered a one time life fee at a cheaper rate who is to know how long that site will last. For all we know something could happen that would cause that site to go offline.

That was when I decided to start my own living memorial site and A Loving Memorial was born.

I plan to give people the personal touch. They can contact me via the website and together we can work out a memorial that they will be happy with.

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This blog is all about technology, how it’s constantly changing and trying to keep you guys up to date with it all. Naturally I am only one man, one who has a lot of things on his plate and so it’s pretty well impossible to cover every single technological advancement, but I do my best.

When you think about it we are lucky enough to live in an age where there is always something new on the market that years ago would have been inconceivable. Some of it can be considered to be stuff of science fiction movies or even 007 fantasy. It even brings to mind some of the gadgets Dick Tracy used to have, but you younger folk wouldn’t remember that.

Anyway, I got an email today introducing me to what could be considered cutting-edge new face recognition technology, at least to the average bloke on the street. Anyway, it is now possible to access your PC as well as logging into Facebook, Amazon & your other favorite websites using only your face. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but the email from the guys at – CyberLink Official Website, tells me they have a program that can do just that. It works by using your computers webcam and so I reckon most people these days could take advantage of it if they so desired.

Here are some of the features that you get with their revolutionary YouCam 5!

  • Use new Face Login to access your PC as well as Facebook, Amazon & other sites
  • Play with Augmented Reality, avatars, special effects, gadgets and more
  • Enhance all your webcam videos with with TrueTheater™ Technology
  • Create effective presentations and tutorials with a wide range of productivity tools
  • Download unlimited FREE special effects from DirectorZone

Here is an introductory video for YouCam 5

I haven’t availed myself of this product yet but I do own CyberLink’s PowerDirector video editing software and I am more than happy with it’s capabilities.

So, back to YouCam 5, does this sort of thing interest you? Also, after my post on Identity Theft do you think that perhaps something like this would increase your online security?
YouCam 2

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